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Bust of Metrodorus
Bust of Metrodorus
Metrodorus (331 BCE- 277 BCE) of Lampsacus was the disciple and intimate friend of Epicurus, and is described by Cicero (De Finibus II.28.92) as "almost a second Epicurus." He died in 277 or 278 BCE at the age of fifty-three, seven years before his master, who adopted his children and in his will placed them in the care of his pupils. The wife (or concubine) of Metrodorus was Leontium, herself, like many other women of the time, a member of the Epicurean society. Athenaeus (vii. 279 F.) quotes from the words of Metrodorus showing that he was in entire agreement with Epicurus, and was, if possible, even more dogmatic in his doctrine of pleasure. He censures his brother, Timocrates, who left the school.

[edit] The Works of Metrodorus

  • Against the Physicians (3 volumes)
  • Of Sensations
  • Against Timocrates
  • Of Magnanimity
  • Of Epicurus's Weak Health
  • Against the Dialecticians
  • Against the Sophists (9 volumes)
  • The Way to Wisdom
  • Of Change
  • Of Wealth
  • In Criticism of Democritus
  • Of Noble Birth
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