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Wonderful beginnings, Erik and Victor. I'm excited to see the new wiki grow. I'll try to make some contributions of my own over the summer, while I have extra time. First, a question regarding romanization--oddly, a question that recently came up on the Yahoo! discussion group: do you have any formal preferences regarding romanization of, e.g. Chinese? I see there's a quote--an excellent one--by Zhang Chao (whom you have entered as Chang Ch'ao) in the database. I'm familiar with this bit, and can provide the original text, source work, translator's identity, and such, if you like. Or perhaps that's overkill for the "quotes" department? (I see that this wiki software uses Unicode, so displaying Chinese characters will not be a problem.) -- SI

Steve, like all things Wiki, a "preference" will emerge rather than be imposed. I suggest editing the name to suit your preference, and I expect that it will stay that way until someone has a stronger opinion, which may never happen. Rather than entering detailed reference information about the quote, maybe you can start an article for Zhang Chao and describe what aspects about his life and works harmonize with Epicureanism. --Erik Anderson 08:53, 18 June 2007 (PDT)
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