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This Saying is a laud to reverence towards "the wise"-- one might infer, probably the Sage himself.

On one hand, this may be a general and thus innocuous statement: showing respect where respect is due makes it possible that the one who shows respect "benefits" from this attitude, i.e. he/she is receptive to and appreciative of another's wisdom. Such a person is an ideal pupil, and in fact respect towards one's teacher(s) is a prerequisite for the openness the learning process requires.

On the other hand, if this Saying is (plausibly) an expression of the social climate in the Garden, it is easy to see how Epicurus' philosophical rivals and detractors sensed and objected to a self-serving culture of hero-worship, directed by Epicurus back at himself. Again, the author of this Saying may well have been a student of Epicurus, and not Epicurus himself. In that case, this text may be essentially autobiographical in nature. In other words, a student of Epicurus may have looked back on his/her "studies" at the Garden, and reminisced how much he/she respected the Sage, and how he/she benefitted from this positive attitude.

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