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Along with Vatican Saying 44, this text expresses Epicurus' contempt for those who love money, regardless of circumstances. Whereas this Saying disparages love of money and excessive frugality, Saying 44 symmetrically applauds generosity.

Those who love money unjustly (i.e. fraudsters, crooks) are "impious". It is doubtful, however, that Epicurus would have meant this as an offense to the gods; it is much more likely that he condemned such people and such actions because they violate the "social contract" of not harming others. Obviously, crooks do precisely that.

Yet loving money even if it is not ill-gotten is "shameful", because it is "unfitting" in the view of an enlightened person for one to be "filthy", a skinflint, in one's frugality. Even if such a person does not inflict harm on others, he/she is still mean-spirited in his/her excessive love for money.

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