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Idomeneus [Iδoμενευς], of Lampsacus, was a friend, disciple, and benefactor of Epicurus, flourished about 310 - 270 BC. We know no particulars of his life, save that he married Batis, the sister of Sandes, who was also a native of Lampsacus, and a pupil of Epicurus.

Idomeneus wrote a considerable number of philosophical and historical works which seem to have been chiefly devoted to an account of the private life of the distinguished men of Greece.

Diogenes Laertius relates (2.60) that "Idomeneus declared that it was Aeschines, not Crito, who advised Socrates in the prison about making his escape, but that Plato put the words into the mouth of Crito because Aeschines was more attached to Aristippus than to himself," hence Socrates' remark "Only the sausage-maker's son knows how to honor me." (The essentials are repeated at 3.36)

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